Some Great Books for Background Reading

 I'd recommend that you look into one or more of these books:

An Introduction to Competitive Karting (click on name to view product page.) This is a great eBook, which explains karting in detail. If you want to make a career in F1, you first need to understand karting.

This is available for purchase on a secure website (Clickbank), which is a site I have used before and is reliable. Simply scroll down the page you are linked to, and then click on the 'purchase' link.

Shawn Lim's Goal Setting Formula Another thoroughly useful read, very good at helping you organize your life, and plan out your career. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to achieve anything.

Purchase link is at the bottom of the page that you are taken to.

THE FORMULA ONE MIND: THE MIND OF A GRAND PRIX DRIVER (F1) this is great material to help study the mentalities and mindsets needed to compete in F1 - as I've said before, it's always great to study other drivers. Available on the Amazon Kindle.

Speed Secrets: The Perfect Driver: 6 another book about 'how to become a Formula 1 driver'. Looks into the same kind of things as this site, but I encourage you not to place authority on simply my words. Read other authors, to get second opinions. Sold in paperback, or on the Amazon Kindle.

(More books to be added at a later date - page last updated 14/11/11 @ 18:55)

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