How to Become a Formula 1 Driver

I've always found the anonymity of the Codemasters driver intriguing.

It could be anyone - even you!

The stuff that dreams are made of.

Prepare to make dream become reality.

Picture it.

Racing wheel to wheel with the stars... an inch from Schumacher and Hamilton at 200mph.

Flying round Spa on the edge of grip.

Standing on the top step of that podium.

Look no further.

On this site you can find all the tips, tricks, and must-knows about the world of motorsport. It means that you will be set up for pole position to be the next World Champion.

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Note: I am assuming that anyone reading this site is familiar with the general rules of Formula 1 Racing. If you would like to find out more about the rules of the sport, visit the Official Formula 1 Website.


  • The world of motorsport is tough, unforgiving, and formed on the foundations of money.
  • In order to become a top-level F1 driver, you must be prepared to invest some money of your own. If you know where to spend it though, we can keep it at only a few thousand. A driver's salary would pay that all back before you can blink
  • You must be able to accept defeat. A sportsman does not give up at their first failure. If you gave up at your first failure, you wouldn't be able to stand on your own two legs. Literally.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice leisure time (i.e. weekends) travelling to race meetings. Of course, racing is just as fun.

Disclaimer: Motor races are dangerous and accidents can happen. Whilst there have been no F1 deaths since 1994, a driver must be aware of all risks.

The information on this site is not verified or recognized by the FIA, FOM, or any other companies mentioned. Whilst the site is written with the intent to aid prospective drivers, the information is for entertainment purposes only. If one tries any of the methods mentioned on this site and does not succeed, then the writer of this site cannot be held responsible.

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