Ways to Gain Sponsors

In order to make yourself attractive to prospective employers, you need to gain sponsors and followers.

One of the most important moves to make, is to sign an agent. You should do this as soon as you decide that you: a) are prepared to do what it takes to reach F1, and b) have enough skill to race competitively.

There are many agencies formed for sportsmen, or even focused solely on young drivers. Here are a few:

Employing a good agent is necessary, as a professional will be able to manage your advertising and promotion much better than you can.

 Pretty much any company is a potential sponsor. Gaining sponsorship will benefit everyone:

  • The sponsor's logos are displayed on your overalls and helmets.
  • The sponsor can use you in advertisements - they would love to be able to say that they are 'allied with the F1 World Champion'.
  • You gain public awareness as you are being used in advertisements - people might start to follow you.
  • You have some money to invest in your career.

 You can use karting prizes, certificates, medals... even videos of yourself karting, to help you gain sponsors.

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